Saturday, November 14, 2009

Close to a release

With the semester coming to an end and the framework maturing, I feel confident that by the end of the semester I'll have a working framework capable of creating simple websites. The initial release will require an installation of either CouchDB or MySQL for the database. Unfortunately, due to the vast difference between database systems, I can't guarantee the ability to switch between them once an application has been written. To put it simply, if you write an app using CouchDB, you'll have to restructure the entire application to make it work with MySQL. I'm currently looking into the reverse, which may be possible (Port MySQL to CouchDB).

Some of the basic blocks planned for inclusion are:
  • webcore: responsible for MVC roles, default Wax theme
  • couchdb: handles interaction with CouchDB
  • mysql: handles interaction with MySQL
  • msgbox: provides library for displaying different types of messages
  • html: library for rendering different types of HTML controls, including forms
  • form: extended library for handling forms, including file uploads

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