Sunday, April 25, 2010

MVC Got in the Way, So I Got Rid of It

As development of this framework went on, I began to realize that I didn't need to use MVC anymore. In fact, I realized that the bulk of the work for the IWH project was simply working around MVC in order to get the system I wanted. One of these major challenges was adding special functionality while still maintaining the dynamic data model ideas.

Role methods to the rescue

Instead of analyzing a request to determine which controller should handle the request, the request provides a precise target of which code to run. For example, in MVC, this request would run the view method in the PostsController and fetch record #3:
Instead of trying to figure out how Controllers fit into this new model, the routing method was rewritten, so the same request above would be rewritten as follows:
Which is analyzed into "I want to perform an action on a Post object. The object's id is 3, and i want to run the view method". Instead of routing this through a controller, we can instead give the Post object the ability to play the role of a ViewActionHandler:
class Post extends WaxObject implements rViewActionHandler
Which would link the Post object to the ViewActionHandler. Similarly, this concept can be applied to static pages as well:
Would tell Wax that the user wants to view the index() method on the Home object. This Home object's ID happens to be 'mobile'. We can use this identifier to link in different stylesheets, datasets, and anything else to distinguish the mobile view from the regular one.All in all, what does this mean? Well basically, it means that the word 'Controller' won't be found anywhere in the Wax source code because there aren't any controllers.

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