Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ruby on Rails

Recently I've agreed to work on the Crabgrass and SocialGeo projects. With these projects come a few technologies that I'm relatively inexperienced with, including Ruby on Rails and a Java-based map server. I've taken the time to learn Ruby and get acquainted with basic rails functionality. I've also looked around the Crabgrass code in an effort to understand the Rails development process a little better. With this new experience, I'm able to resolve a few roadblocks that I've had in my own framework development. Many of these developments are in the area of TemplatedControls, as Rails has demonstrated a nice development process for passing model data to the views. Some of my time from now on will be dedicated to these other projects, but I hope to keep progress strong on this project as well. Hopefully working with these other technologies will provide some insight into how I can make improvements.

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