Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wax PHP Framework

So now that the framework is starting to mature a little bit, I finally decided to create an actual blog so I don't have to just keep updating the project page on Google Code. Here's a brief summary of the work so far:
The project started off as WISP PHP Framework, meaning Websites with Integrated Scripts and PHP. The framework was designed to use PHP to generate an XML representation of a website and then use XSLT transforms and other manipulations to create a working website. As the project progressed, the development style changed and the goals of the project evolved. The current system uses XML template files as the base frame for the site, then uses PHP code-behinds to do any extra manipulation or logic. It uses a library of custom controls to piece together the application. If I had to relate it to any other language, it would be
Current features include:
  • XML based layout system
  • Custom control development
  • Custom control invokation via XML tags (ie: <CustomControl Attribute="Value">)
  • DOM based page rendering
Features temporarily broken during the rewrite include:
  • Integration with PHP PDO (PHP Data Objects)
  • Data sources and data binding
High-Priority features include:
  • Templated controls (Controls that can use XML as a base template, right now they must be all PHP)
  • Integration with SDO (Service Data Objects)
  • Script binding
  • Remote method invokation (calling PHP functions from JavaScript for use in AJAX apps)
Development will progress throughout the summer and will continue during the fall semester.
Anyone interested in helping with development or testing the framework can E-Mail me at or visit the Google Code page at:

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